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Decennial Insanity?

Perhaps it is just me, but it seems like every 10 years or so, traffic just goes wonkier than normal here. In the last three weeks, my commutes that used to take 25-35 minutes have suddenly become bumper-to-bumper marathons of 45-90 minutes.

I recall this happening in the mid-nineties when suddenly there was just a ton more traffic than usual.

Anyone else notice this? I usually drive 59 or 10 to head to the west side of town and even the Westpark tollway is all clogged up these days.

Yeah, I know, whine whine…

For Every Action… There Is A Reaction

Saturday afternoon was quite the adventure… (and I shall explain without the aid of any curse words).

As I was driving down Richmond Avenue, I saw this guy standing in a sea of pigeons and doves:

Bird Man

He owns a dry cleaning place called Jarinee’s on Richmond and was feeding “his friends… especially the sick ones.” He quickly pointed out how one of the pigeons had some kind of unhealthy looking growth on its beak.

Now, just a block earlier, I had seen this sign:

faux palindrome

Which made me laugh because (a) it reminded me of the happy little conversation from a previous post on the rail subject and, (b) the logic behind this pseudo palindrome is utterly ridiculous.

Rail = Liar… so, Straw = Warts?

Alas, (to paraphrase Nigel from Spinal Tap) in their effort to look clever, the anti Richmond-rail group merely look silly.

So I asked the owner of Jarinee’s what he thought of the prospect of a rail line on Richmond. He said, “it’s good for business. I hope they hurry because the train will not hurt business, but the slow construction.”

I asked him about the anti rail signs and he said, “I don’t live around here, but if I did, I would probably not want the train in front of my home either. Nobody will win.”

I then asked him what he thought would happen to his birds if the rail went in. He said, “they are very loyal to my place. Even when I don’t come out to feed them, they show up and feel safe here. They will still come, you know?”

Perhaps there’s an analogy in there between pigeons and customers?

Anyway, other people seem to agree with the Jarinee’s owner as I found these signs posted along Richmond:


yes yes

Perhaps we should invite the Richmond rail proponents and opponents to duke it out at the food fight?

In other news…

Thanks to Captain Katya for the post on the Shakespeare plays at Miller Outdoor Theater. I attended both plays and REALLY enjoyed both of them. It was a packed house for both events. The nice thing is that you could bring your own refreshments! I picked up a small box of rice cakes from a place called… ummm… the Rice Cake shop… or maybe it’s called Kong Ju.

garden of rice cake delights

Highly recommended! I picked up a box of rice cakes filled with sesame seeds and happily munched away while enjoying the final performance of The Tempest.

Foooooooood Fiiiiiiiiiight!!!!

Food fight this weekend & you’re invited!

WHO: Food Fight Lunch Mob
WHAT: Food Fight! (Children at 2pm & Adults at 3pm)
WHEN: Sunday, August 13 @ 12pm
WHERE: south of Houston at Twin Lakes (19230 Morris Ave., Manvel, TX)

Check the Food Fight Lunch Mob myspace profile for details on what kind of food to bring and the rest of the rules.

We fully expect to see photos if you go!

Lit rock comes to Houston with Harry and the Potters


File this one under extremely random and cool – Harry and the Potters are coming to Houston this Friday August 11th at Kicks Indoor Soccer.

Definitely a family-friendly, kid-focused show the 2 members of the band (Paul “Harry, Year 7” and Joe “Harry, Year 4) rock out to songs about Voldemort, the Gryiffindor quidditch team and other Harry Potter-related awesomeness.

The coolest part about them? They have a band reading list and promise free Harry Potter tooth brushes to anyone who reads one of their book list books and brings in a short book report. Gotta’ love those book geeks, seriously.

All the cool kids are going to the spanky new Metboards

Lone Star Times BrewHaHa

Lone Star Times is holding a BrewHaHaâ„¢ gathering this upcoming Friday:

It’s that time again, folks, time for the LST Bayou City Barblogging Tour to continue. I’ve tallied the votes, and August’s stop will be at Coaches this Friday, August 11. It’ll start at 6:00 p.m. and end whenever they toss me into the gutter.

Coaches is located on U.S. Highway 290 near Jones Road, on the outbound side of the freeway. Here’s a map.

That’s me: your source of gatherings and meetups I don’t end up attending for some reason or other.

(I’m working on a Wheel Of Excuses)

An afternoon at the theater

As promised a few months ago, I went to the Studio Movie Grill in Copperfield and am here to tell you all about it.

One afternoon, I met Leslie, a girl I work with, there to see The Devil Wears Prada (Stop laughing! Sometimes a girl just needs to watch a girly movie!). We were both able to purchase student tickets ($5.00), but even the regular $6.00 matinee price is perfectly reasonable. When we were given our tickets, we were also given a menu and a coaster light (similar to those vibrating squares you get a restaurant when you’re waiting for a table). The coaster light had a button on it to push to alert the staff when you needed assistance.

I had eaten lunch just a few hours before, so I decided to go with the old standby combination of soda and popcorn. The soda ($2.50) came in a big (non-disposable) cup and was refilled by the server as needed. The popcorn ($2.99) was served in a low, wide bowl (probably 8-10 inches across and 4 inches tall) along with a little bowl of melted butter. Leslie had water and the grilled chicken house salad ($9.99). While $10 for a salad is a bit steep (to me, at least) for a salad, once we saw the size of it, we decided it could easily be split between two or three people (and maybe it was meant to be). She ended up taking enough salad home to eat it for another meal or two. It was giant and she said it was delicious. Our server dropped the checks off about 30 minutes before the movie ended, but didn’t expect us to disturb our movie-watching to get our money out right away. There was no problem having our food put on separate checks.

I will definitely be back and next time, I’ll go on an empty stomach so I can branch out and try a few more menu items (chips & salsa! mmm!).

Total money spent (for ticket, soda & popcorn): $10.49
Compared to other local theaters, I’d say my money went further than normal.

Next up on my must-see movie list: Pulse (because I’m a huuuuge Veronica Mars fan), and probably Snakes on a Plane (because, how cool is this?!).

Studio Movie Grill is located in Copperfield at 8580 Highway 6 North & West Road.

SPIN2 with Houston. It’s Worth It.

6 of my photos are going to be hanging at Houston Center for Photography tonight through Sunday. Four pieces in the show in conjunction with Houston. It’s Worth It and 2 pieces as part of a display/ad for

There’s an opening party tonight. It costs money. ($5 student/member, $10 otherwise) But the show will also be available for viewing for free Saturday and Sunday noon to 6 if you just want to stick your head in and see what the fuss is about.

HCP is at 1441 W. Alabama

Geek Gathering – August

Technology Bytes is a weekly call-in radio show at KPFT every Wednesday evening (available via podcast in case you forget), and they typically hold a monthly Geek Gathering at hangouts around town here there is feasting, fun, and WiFi merriment.

They used to regularly hang out at Kaveh Kanes for Geek Gatherings, but Kaven Kanes is no more. So for May, they have selected Tropioca as the site of the Geek Gathering:

This Friday August 4th is the monthly Technology Bytes Geek Gathering. We’ll be at Tropioca @ 2808 Milam, just South of Downtown. Tropioca specializes in bubble tea, coffee and smoothies. They also serve up desserts and free WiFi. For those not in the know, a Geek Gathering is exactly what is sounds like. The geeks from this show as well as a bunch of our listeners all descend upon a single location and geek out over gadgets, technology and the latest geek humor.

If you have not experienced in person the greatness of the throbbing vein in “Fighting” Jay Lee’s forehead as he repeats the mantra of “Spyware!” you have not yet lived. Socrates even said something about it, and that was thousands of years ago. How’s them apples?

I myself will try to be there, bringing an example of Parmesan Garlic Bread for y’all to paw over and covet. Unless I don’t bake it the night before, which would be a tragedy.

I love Texas drivers/parkers


Saw this beauty of a parking job in the new Heights Target parking lot last night (after going to look at gigantic presidents). There was plenty of room on the other side of the car, you know if the driver wanted to do something as mundane and uncool as backing up and actually parking like a ‘normal’ human being.

I don’t know why this bugs me so much.

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