Un dia sin immigrante – May 1, 2006

Today is the ‘Great American Boycott 2006’ – a national day of immigration solidarity meant to communicate the importance of our nation’s immigrants by demonstrating, through their absence at work and in the marketplace, how much they would be missed if they were not here.

This is meant to be disruptive – hopefully not physically, as all boycotters have been asked to be respectful in their actions today and I hope other Houstonians will do the same for them – by financially with immigrants closing their businesses, not shopping and, specifically, not purchasing gasoline (ouch).

Pretty good idea from the organizers’ end, as demonstrating with your wallet will probably be far more effective than with banners and signs.

Some info on today’s events:

7300 Memorial Dr and Picnic Lane

Time: 11:00 AM

What: Rally / Gathering

•Testimonies of Immigrants
•Workshops of Civic Participation
•Voter Registration
•Letter Writing Campaign to Petition for Permanent Residency
•Each person takes their food, water and soft drinks for a Day of Festivities in the park.

What we want:
•We all support just treatment for immigrants, their dignity and rights.
•We all support comprehensive immigration reform, especially permanent residency for all who need this protection.
•We all reject the criminalization of immigrants and those who associate/assist them.

1 Comment so far

  1. againstillegals (unregistered) on May 1st, 2006 @ 11:32 am

    Do these illegals really think what they are doing is helping them? First off, illegals are breaking the law once they come here illegally. They have zero say so whatsoever.

    So if they break the law and can have it changed because they have a rally, then I can go break the law and get a bunch of people to have the law changed too.

    Also, don’t call this event a day without immigrants. I am an immigrant and I am not in the same boat as these people. It is more of a day without an illegal Mexican.

    Also, America is going to hurt so bad by your stupid rally and boycott. You have got to be kidding me. What this event did is to alienate more and more people.

    I and the rest of the legal, tax paying citizens of the U.S. will be glad when we don’t have to pay to support these people anymore! Why should we work our butt of to support these illegals and their protests.

    To the illegals here: you guys would have been better off keeping your mouths shut and your flags off the news. Now you have opened up a pandoras box that will hurt your efforts and your cause. Not that it really matters in the first place, but your just adding fuel to a fire that was burning out of control from the very start.

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