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EVENTS – Mayor White & MFAH to host free screening

FREE screening of Mutiny on the Bayou at MFAH
Museum of Fine Arts Houston

(Time: 1:20)

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News: Good Sources for Houston News

First off, this isn’t a spam, none of these links are affiliate, etc… I’ve just sharing a source I found, recently, and have been finding helpful.

If you get a chance, visit Topix is an online news aggregator for various, well, topics. Aside from their 360,000 topics (I kid you not), they also aggregate news from cities around the United States. Houston has a page at that aggregates the latest news from our various local news agencies. They go so far down as to have a city page for Mission Bend, as well. So if you guys need a news fix, give Topix/Houston a try.

EVENTS – Alamo Draft House opens Katy location

Another Alamo Draft House location opens with free movies and discounted food.

Alamo Draft House Mason Rd.

(Time: 1:20)

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via This Week in Houston

It was three years ago today

… that I moved to Houston from Brownsville, Texas. Before Brownsville, I lived in San Francisco, CA. And before that, I lived in Philadelphia, PA. I could go on and on, but what I really want to say is: I freaking love living here!

If you are not a native Houstonian… where are you from and how long ago did you move here?

People such as Brittanie have the reversed assignment: How long have you been away from your beloved homeland?

Last night of Beats of Basquiat – Grandmaster Flash Style


The Museum of Fine Arts is hosting their final Beats of Basquiat from 8pm – 1:30am– which seriously looks to be the coolest yet. Grandmaster Flash will be there in all his glory, along with DJ Jester and the Dum Dum Crue.

Starbucks is providing free coffee drinks, but of course there is a cash bar to provide that extra social lubrication to keep the evening going. Basquiat works will be on display and the music will be bumping all night long. Oh – and don’t forget the midnight movie Sixteen Candles. Good times.

EVENTS – Home & Garden Show

Home & Garden Show at Reliant Center

(Time: 1:05)

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Krispy Kreme says buh-bye to Houston


As of March, Houstonians will no longer be able to gorge themselves on the beautiful sweetness that are Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Gone are the days of munching on their warm, gooey Original Glazed doughnuts – the only glazed doughnuts that this particular Metblogger actually enjoys (otherwise, it’s cake all the way baby). Woe is me.

Instead Lone Star Doughnuts, the Houston KK franchisee, is launching its own new brand – Jumbles Dough Factory & Coffee Bar to “…provide… what Texans have been clamoring for for the past eight years.”

The announcement was released after Lone Star sued Krispy Kreme for pressuring it to open new stores and over-charging on equipment and supplies. I’m sure Jumbles will be great, but I still think it’ll be tought to beat Krispy Kreme. So where do I go now? Anyone have any favorite sugar-happy breakfast spots we should know about???

EVENTS – Houston SPCA Animal Attraction Singles Mingle

Come find your ‘Love of a Lifetime’ at the Houston SPCA Animal Attraction Singles Mingle.

(Time: 0:41)

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via This Week in Houston

Washington Mutual ATMs no longer free?

Remember all the ads Washington Mutual used to run about how their ATMs didn’t charge any extra fees, regardless of which bank you had an account with? Well apparently that’s not the case anymore.

Since there’s branch for my bank on my route to school, I occasionally stop by Washington Mutual. My bank doesn’t charge fees if I use another bank’s ATM, so getting money from Washington Mutual was always an option.

Imagine my surprise today when, after entering my PIN and the amount of money I want to withdraw, I get a message informing me that I would be charged a 1.50 fee by Washngton Mutual…!

Does this mean they’re going to start charging for their “free” bank accounts too?

I’m Going To…


No, really. I’m not kidding.

I’ll be traveling all next week to attend a tradeshow focusing on the specialty chemical industry. So, if anyone from Orlando has suggestions on unique and interesting things to see/do while I’m there… please post in the comments section of this entry.

Oh yeah, I’ll be staying at the Embassy Suites Orlando Hotel. Hopefully, it won’t be too ghetto.

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