Notes on my trip to Orlando, FL

Just got back from a 3-day business trip to Orlando.

I stayed at the Embassy Suites – Jamaican Courts on International Drive. It’s a decent place in the tourist part of the city. I didn’t rent a car, so I basically explored everything I could within (reasonable) walking distance.

Gastronomically speaking, the area of Orlando I stayed in was highly average. However, I found the following little treasures:

Highly recommend Taj Punjabi for Indian food. I had their tandoori chicken which was better than several of the places I’ve tried around Houston! Most places I’ve been to serve it dry, but Taj Punjabi served theirs with a mild sauce and bell peppers. Extremely good. Any places in Houston you guys would recommned I give a try?

On the other hand, I do not recommend Couscous Moroccan Restaurant because (a) the owner had her two children there – which isn’t too bad, except they were screaming and rather distracting. (b) The owner couldn’t get the credit card machine to work so I had to walk to a grocery store and withdraw money from an ATM, but then (c) she didn’t have change for a $20… so I had to walk back to the damn grocery store and get change.

Also went to Rangetsu for sushi. The night I went also happened to be their 20th anniversary! So they had a show featuring traditional Noh music and dance along with taiko drumming. They featured some interesting and unique varieties that I haven’t tried yet. The sea urchin was actually fresh while the freshly caught flounder tasted too acidic. Overall, the sushi was very good while the show added to the experience.

Someone else from the conference I attended went to Taste of Hong Kong and said it was bland to mediocre. Then again, she is from China and wasn’t used to the “adjustments” made to foods when they land in the US.

One night, I walked into a tattoo place and asked where the good clubs were located. Was told that downtown was where all the action was. But was also advised that if I wanted some “action”, I should go to Tampa because the girls at the Orlando clubs are required to wear tape over their… ummm… private areas. Not sure why I was given this information… but there you go.

Noticed that Orlando has a 24-hour dentist office and gasoline is the same price here as in Orlando. I wonder… would I go to a 24-hour denist office if I had a problem? It was located above a t-shirt shop if that tells you anything.

Decided not to go to the theme parks because it was just me and I’d rather go and experience those kinds of things with kids, you know?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about Orlando. Very freaking glad to be back in Houston. I landed at Hobby and noticed there were banners everywhere for the NBA All-Star Game this Sunday. I stood at the luggage claim area surrounded by very large and tall African-American men and prayed that no one stepped on me.

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  1. katya (unregistered) on February 21st, 2006 @ 5:35 pm

    Our household is addicted (and I do mean addicted) to the cheap, vegetarian glory that is the Bombay Sweets buffet (5827 Hillcroft St.). $5 gets you fabulous homemade Indian goodness and an order of fresh naan. Their buffet selection is always changing, which makes it nice to try something new everytime.

    It’s a totally laid back family kind of place – certainly nothing for a hot date or anything. But I must say, comfort food really doesn’t get much better than this – the perfect place for a late Sunday lunch (as long as you have time for a nap afterwards).

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