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I’ve been waiting for a service like Peapod to return to Houston. Sometimes my busy schedule makes it impossible for me to either get to the grocery store or even pick up some take-out. So, finally, Rice Epicurian has teamed up with to offer online order and delivery services all over Houston. Rice Epicurian has always had delivery service, and that infrastructure together with’s technology likely makes a successful pairing.

Even my zip code is covered and I live at least 7 miles from the nearest store. Though, I do have to place a minimum order of $100 in my zip code, most zips have a minimum set at $50. And, since I’m ordering online, I’m able to buy in bulk and plan ahead which makes things so much easier. You can review your cart at a glance, andif you get close to check out and forgot something it takes about 2 seconds to add it to your cart instead of running around the store and losing your place in line. The online service launched in January, so is still quite new. Notwithstanding, when I tried it out the service I received was flawless, or nearly so. You cannot order for same day delivery unless you order by 9am. So, your best bet is to order the day before. I did not find this out until checkout so I actually had to go pick up my order which was okay. I work a few blocks from the store so I was not inconvenienced. It is a $7 service charge to pick up and a $15 service charge for delivery no matter how big your order is. It may sound like alot but if you really need the convenience and you have a grocery bill to justify it, it is worth it. And your first delivery is free, so you may as well try it once.

The staff was very nice and the guy who fulfilled my order gave me a phone call to make sure he had the order clear. He even suggested I substitute an item with a similar item which was on sale. When I arrived at the store, the manager went to retrieve my order, noticed something was missing and gave it to me without charge. What a deal! I’m glad this convenience is back in Houston and I hope it lasts longer than Peapod!

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  1. Nancy (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 6:49 am

    Does anyone remember They had an online grocery store here in Houston about four years ago. The went out of business.:o(

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