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Become a St. Arnold’s fermentor saint!


St. Arnold’s Brewing Co. is auctioning off the naming rights for a new fermentor on eBay. The highest bid is currently at $1501, but you’ve got 7 more days to collect the change from your couch and cash in those pennies.

The specifics:

* The tank will be named St. “you fill in this blank”
* It cannot be a company name and cannot cause offense
* Other than that, the sky is the limit. But the name cannot duplicate any of our existing tank names (so if your name is Idesbald, we apologize)

Hey! This could be a GREAT early Valentine’s Day present!! (Thanks to Ed Schipul for the heads up!)

Houston cracks down on urban cowboys

Local horse enthusiasts were surprised to learn that the City Council has banned horseback riding on esplanades and grassy medians – punishable by a $500 fine.

“This isn’t Dodge City, so I’m sorry. But the cowboys can’t do as they please anymore,” said Charles Crain, president of the Inwood Forest Community Improvement Association.

This new law apparently stems from neighborhood beautification associations complaining about sprinklers and landscaping being destroyed underhoof (and under-tire from parked cars on medians).

Fair enough, but I still think it’s a sad thing – just one more unique Texan attribute lost. I’ve had several out-of-town friends be completely and absolutely mesmerized by the fact that in Houston there are still cowboys riding into the sunset, granted in a less than Old Western-y environment.

We’ve got bike lanes in town – do we need horse lanes too??

FREE Mullet Alert


The Aeros play the Rochester Americans tonight at the Toyota Center 7:35 pm.

As if that wasn’t enough to get your hockey puck heart thumping:


(Thanks to Jason the Canadian for this vital piece of Wednesday morning news)

SXSW is coming!!


Austin’s SXSW Festival is less than 2 months away. Are you going??!!?? Are you going??!!??

Please comment or email me if you are going to be in Austin for the festival – it would be fun to meet up, talk nerdy stuff, compare schedules and have breakfast at Magnolia Cafe. Or a beer on 6th Street – that would be cool too.

Make sure to check out the Austin Metblog for coverage on all SXSW events and happenings. See you there :) and please excuse the non-Houston-related post.

Object theater for the soul

The DiverseWorks Houston Performing Arts Residency
presents Jenny Campbell and Yelena Zhelezov:

electricity is unpredictable

“Jenny Campbell and Yelena Zhelezov utilize the ideas of puppetry to challenge the rules of time and space and create a world like no other.” -Sixto Wagan, DiverseWorks Performing Arts Director.

OPENS: Thursday January 19, 2006 @ 8pm

SHOWTIMES: Jan 19-21 & 26-28 (Thu & Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 8pm and 10pm)
Jan 23 (pay-what-u-can performance @ 8pm)

For Tickets visit : diverseworks

For Directions & other Contact Info: diverseworks

Going Kinky at St. Arnold’s


If you’re up for some Kinky Friedman, St. Arnold’s brews and Star pizza – get on over to St. Arnold’s brewery for the Jan. 29th Harris County Volunteer and Fundraiser meeting.

One more time: Kinky. Beer. Pizza.

Why the hell not? Learn more about the future of Texas politics and have a few laughs.

(Thank you Dallas)2

It’s not often that Houston says thanks to the Big D, but this time it’s well deserved.

First, thanks to the Dallas Morning News for naming Houston as their Texan of the Year! Pretty darn cool considering how we this love/hate relationship. The word seems to be all over Houston since at nearly every city meeting I attend, someone will mention this little factoid.

Second, I’d like to thank Bunny (famous Dallas blogger) for sending me a copy of the January 12th edition of Dallas Candy, which is all about Houston! They pointed out interesting things to do around the city, and this issue touched my curiosity (which is still legal in this state) to check out Howard Hughes’s grave at Glenwood Cemetery and then pop over to Prince’s Hamburgers for lunch.

So I drove around Glenwood and found the Hughes’s final resting spot.
The Hughes's's's's's's's's

The site has a locked gate around it, so I had to quickly climb on to the fence (do not try this at home) and snap a few photos holding my camera above my head so you could see…

… a better view of Howard, his father and mother.
Where did we go wrong?

… and a close-up of Howard (the stoopid rich recluse) Hughes’ portion of the marker.
The Aviator

On the way to visit the Hughes’s, I drove by Samuel Allen’s site:
Sam ALLEN... not Sam Adams

Wait… you don’t who Sam Allen is? You’ve heard of Allen’s Landing, no?
read... read... read... read...

As I drove around the cemetery, I realized nearly every famous person related to Houston was buried here. History abounds!!!

As long as cemeteries don’t creep you out, you’ll enjoy a walk (or leisure drive) around Glenwood.

So anyway, I drove to Prince’s Hamburgers along 59 and stopped in for one of their “classic” burgers. Here’s what I ordered for about $8:
ketchup does not look yummy when photographed... does it?

I’ve tried several different burger places in our city, and the burgers at Prince’s are pretty damn good! Their sauce is some kind of crushed tomato mixture and it’s sooooo good! I would recommend the onion rings as the fries are kind of blah.

The décor is very retro (shown below in retroscopic sepia tones)

… from my booth.

… and in front of the front counter.
more brown

In summary, thanks Dallas for reminding me that my adopted home of Houston is a kick ass place to explore.

Now if I could only find a girlfriend….

Houston’s Highway System Is A Mess

You would think that getting from point A to point B on a Saturday night should be relatively simple..

However, in my quest to go from Sugar Land to I-10 and Silber (the Marquee shopping center), I initially thought to go 59->Beltway 8->I-10. First on 59, there was an accident that had ALL BUT ONE lane of the highway closed down. Then, as I’m approaching Beltway 8, I see that the north bound entrance ramp is closed.

So I start heading towards 610. Well it appears that the north bound entrance of 610 was closed too, so I had to go down 59 some more, exit, and do a u-turn. The entrance ramp on that side of the freeway was closed as well, and I had to then stay on the feeder until I finally got to 610. Why does getting around have to be so difficult?!

Not to mention that, while driving on the exit that goes from 610 to I-10, I felt like I was driving through a war zone. Debris and demolished roads all around. Needless to say, Houston’s not looking too pretty right now.

Inprint :: Championing Creative Writing and Reading in Houston


Inprint is a great local organzation dedicated to promoting creative writing and literature in Houston. Why do you care? Because they offer really great writing workshops and bring a host of fabulous authors to Houston.

They team up with the Houston Great Books Council, U of H’s Creative Writing Program and other Houston-area groups to give guidance, assistance and inspiration.

If you dig this kind of stuff too, I hope to see you on Jan. 26th at the Alley Theater (615 Texas Ave.) for a great reading by Julian Barnes and Gish Jen. Free for students and seniors, $5 for everyone else — money and time well spent.

The ’80s never stop, even on a Monday night


I’m at home on my couch, vicariously rocking out to the sounds of the ’80s – thanks to my neighbors who just happen to be two members of the Houston cover band Molly and the Ringwalds.

These kids are pretty good – even when they are playing the same part of the same song over and over and over again. Good thing I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish.

Winner of multiple Houston Press awards and the like, you can check them out every Friday night at the Continental Club (3700 Main St.) for free and sing karaoke with them onstage! Be sure to say hi to Carrie Ringwald, the super-cool keyboard lady, for me.

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