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Undetermined radio source near central Houston

I was out driving back from shooting pool with some friends of mine, last Friday night.  We encountered a strange radio station at 91.5fm.  Now, in my neck of the woods, 91.5 is an LPFM (Low Power FM) stations run by the local car wash, to give details about their washes and processes.  Evidentially, from just outside the Galleria area’s western side, on in to the downtown area, you can hear someone broadcasting on 91.5fm.  Does this go on all night? I don’t know.  I know it was going on from 1:30am until around 3:30am when I lost the signal.  The thing is, it’s NOT any regular radio station.  At my friends house, we listened for an hour, and no station ID.  Not even a single spoken word.  Just a lot of different styles of music.  Trust me, it’s not a Jack station… I think it’s a Cap’n Jack station.. you know, Cap’n Jack the Pirate?
You heard me.  Next time you’re down there on a Friday or Saturday night, inside the loop, maybe around montrose, the heights, downtown… tune in 91.5 around 1:30 am, and listen.  If there’s dead air, keep listening.  Maybe you’ll hear somethin new and neat.
Wish I knew who that was so I could 1) score an interview for the blog, and 2) find out what this one song I heard, was.
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UPDATE: The radio source on 91.5 has been found to be Rice University’s station 91.7, simulcasting at a lower power on 91.5 Not sure of the reason, but hey, to each their own. They were just playing things I normally don’t hear, even on their station, and a bunch of dead air for a few minutes, at one point. My mistake, and apologies.

Roula and Ryan, Mark II

First off, let me get the event/news information out of the way..

Roula and Ryan are having a party at Senior Rita’s, this Sunday at 4pm. Clicking the link will take you to the b-4-u-eat page with address and information on the restaurant.

Secondly.. I receive, in e-mail, every comment left to the three previous posts that I wrote on this subject. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend, lately. Interspersed amongst the comments about the events surrounding the firing of Roula and Ryan, there have been many directly derrogatory and childishly worded statements about Sam Malone, Mix 96.5, and Clear Channel Radio. While I full support your right to express your opinion, I think comments like “Sam Malone sucks balls” are going a bit overboard.

Now, I won’t be deleting any comments (unless our city captain, or the metblogs guys tell me I have to (or a comment is deemed spam)), but I have to verbally wrist-slap those of you leaving such comments. Surely we are above such childish actions. If you’re ten years old, okay, fine, I can excuse it. But I sincerely doubt the readers leaving said comments are of that age. Try being a little more adult, folks. I understand you’re upset, but c’mon…

(NOTE: The above-quoted comment was not the only one of that nature, though – thus far – it is the worst. Other comments are viewable on the above-linked entries.)

More Katy Frwy/610 psychotic construction closures


Once again, the Katy Freeway is adding some more excitement to your life by closing some very important and crowded lanes of traffic. Yay!

Via the Houston Chronicle:

Don Nelson Celebrates 30 Years On the Air

If you are like me, you love looking at old pictures of goofy newscasters. Don Nelson is celebrating 30 years on the air in Houston this month. Here is a great shot of him with Shirley Hemphill. That is priceless.

Nutcracker Market? Take 610 South, Exit Kirby

I have always found the traffic information billboards that show the amount of time until you reach a certain highway or location (downtown, for instance) to be helpful. They’re not always accurate (you have to add a couple of minutes every time), but they do give a general idea of how long it’s going to take to get somewhere.

So imagine my surprise today when every billboard I passed by said “NUTCRACKER MKT 610 SOUTH EXIT KIRBY”. I’m sure the Nutcracker Market is a big event, but I would venture to guess that the majority of people on 59 and 45 are more concerned with traffic information then how to get to the Reliant Arena area.

I just hope that this is temporary and that we won’t be seeing non-traffic related information on these billboards on a regular basis. Many people (myself included) use the traffic estimates for planning our routes. Let’s hope TranStar brings it back!

Taste of Sugar Land

This weekend, there’s only one place to be for all your food desires. Sugar Land (my home city, yay!) is going to have a “Taste of Sugar Land” event in our lovely semi-new town square.

For those of you that haven’t seen the recently constructed “town square”, I suggest you check it out. There are plenty of places to eat, and the area right in front of City Hall regularly holds a variety of events. On any given day, I like to go eat at Japaneiros, a great sushi/latin fusion restaurant.

But, I digress. The event will feature food from a variety of Sugar Land restaurants, and, as long as you’re hungry, promises to be good.

Sunday, November 13 5-8 p.m. is the time. There will also be live/silent auctions and music. Of course it’s not free, but proceeds will be going to the First Presbyterian Church of Sugar Land.

The Taste of Sugar Land website has more information.

The Houston Metblog demands some answers!! (actually, we’re just asking nicely)

Hi there,

The Houston Metblog really likes you. You are smart, funny and have excellent taste in websites.

We would like to know some other things about you — no no, nothing too kinky or wildly personal. We have an incredibly short survey for you to take here, just so we can get to know one another better.

This will help us to get a better idea of what you, as a most cherished Metblog reader, would like to see on the Metblog. After all, you ARE the reason that we do this crazy thing anyway. Help us out!

We will be eternally grateful if you spend a minute (or less) getting us up-to-date with our uber-short questionnaire.

Much love,
Katya and the Houston Metblog family

Chopin and Breakdancing :: Houston Symphony gets hip


The Houston Symphony is doing a pretty cool job reaching out to a younger crowd (specifically ages 15-29) with their Houston Symphony Wavelength program.

Membership is free and entitles you to receive discounted $8 tickets to select performances and invitations to interesting Wavelength soirees. They even have a blog.

This is a great way to get younger (and, ahem, poorer) people into some really amazing performances. Be sure to check out their Symphony Etiquette suggestions before arriving. *grin*

Proposition 2 passes (election results)

Flickr PhotoProposition two has passed, tonight, with overwhelming support.  As of around 11:04pm with 82% of the precincts reporting, Prop two has passed 76% to 24%.

My opinions on this matter are well known, as I have blogged about them, here, before.  I’m very surprised at the overwhelming percentage of approval, I felt that the race would be much, much closer.  It makes me wonder what happened to the thousands upon thousands of proponents against prop two.  Surely there were more than 456,992 (as of 11:00pm) in the state against this issue.  I’m very dissappointed that this amendment passed.  Not because it’s illegal for gays to marry (it already was), but because discrimination is now written into the Texas Constitution.  Make no bones about it, Houston, Texas – and states like it – are quickly making homosexuals into the new “blacks.” (I’m sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to use the “n” word.)

Anyway, enough about my opinions.  On to the results of the other eight propositions.  Some are too close to call, as of yet, but I’ll let you know what’s leading.  I’ll even bold my vote on each one:

  1. Propositon 1 (rail facilities funding): Close, 53% for, 47% against.
  2. Proposition 2 (gay marriage): Overwhelmingly approved, 76% for, 24% against.
  3. Proposition 3 (economic development/debt): Very close, 52% for, 48% against.
  4. Proposition 4 (denial of bail): Overwhelmingly approved, 85% for, 15% against.
  5. Proposition 5 (commerical loan interest rates): Close, 43% for, 57% against.
  6. Proposition 6 (Adding to judicial oversight): Seemingly approved, 63% for, 38% against.
  7. Proposition 7 (reverse mortgage advance line-of-credit): Semi-close, 59% for, 41% against.
  8. Proposition 8 (land titles in Smith/Upshur counties): Semi-close, 61% for, 39% against.
  9. Proposition 9 (term of RMA members): Close, 46% for, 54% against.

Although no clear winners can be declared until all precincts are reporting in, it appears that propositions two, four, and six (hmm, odd, that) will be approved.  The rest are rather close.  Incidentally, on’s page – where I got this data – the “for” and “against” rows change up on different propositions, independant of which is actually ahead.  Although news agencies are support to remain impartial, perhaps this is channel 2’s way of telling us their opinion (or at least the opinion of the web page author).

So, Houston… discuss, debate, conversate, ma… nevermind.  Speak your mind, folks.  Oh, and the graphic?  That’s courtesy of The Daily Show, by way of  I just couldn’t resist. (The graphic is as a result of the following quote: “It does not affect your daily life very much if your neighbor marriesa box turtle. But that does not mean it is right… Now you must raiseyour children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle ison the same legal footing as man and wife,” from the Honorable SenatorJohn Cornyn of Texas.)

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Bill White – Free Internet Citywide (if you re-elect me)

Mayor Bill White is moving into the information age in a major way and just under the wire for tomorrow’s election. His website will feature a LIVE webcast from 12:30 to 1PM tomorrow. In addition White announced plans to create an “Internet bubble” across the city in his second term to provide all citizens with free internet access.


via This Week in Houston

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