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Dum da dum…

That’s it, baby!
We’re going.

Since the formation of the team in 1961, Houston has never been to a world series…

until 2005.

Now, to take the Socks in four.

(heh, people in my neighborhood are already setting off fireworks. The game ended less than a minute ago.)

(and you know.. I was sitting here, at the computer, watching the end of the game, and I still didn’t beat Chris to the entry. I swear that man watches the games in a quarter-screen window, with the post editor open.)

Houston Wins!!!




EVENTS – Herb Fair

33rd Annual Bellaire Herb Fair
Saturday, October 22, 8:30am – 1:00pm

(Time: 0:22)

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ROLLERDERBY @!*&#$%*$! CRUNK @!$#*&!$(*!

The buzz for the Houston Roller Derby League

ARTS – Cabaret Show at Ovations Night Club

Erin Simpson-Stallings and Michael Harren Cabaret Show
Saturday, October 22, 8:30pm

(Time: 1:14)

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Houston Travellers and Taxi Riders, Listen Up…

I sat here, tonight, going through the stacks of papers on my desk, dating back three years in some places, and I came across the last major update to the Houston taxi laws. It made me think back on the conversations I’ve had with people, both in my cab, and on the street. See, I drove a taxi in Houston for three years. First with Yellow Cab, then with their sister company, United Cab, and finally with their biggest competitor, Liberty Cab. I spent a lot of time behind the wheel, and a lot of time learning the law so I would know just how I could legally maximize every cent from each and every fare.

Don’t kid yourself, folks, Houston taxi drivers are shrewd. A good many of us knew the law, inside and out. Those of us that didn’t, didn’t last very long. That man or woman behind the wheel may laugh and joke and say it’s about customer service; but believe me, it is most certainly about the money.

First, a little primer…

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…

STL: 5 // HOU: 4

Someone want to tell me what was up with Lidge in the top of the ninth, tonight? He gives up a base hit, okay, no big deal. Then, knowing that Pujols – one of the best hitters in the league – would be at bat, next, Lidge walks Edmonds. Now, I can understand getting ahead of yourself, that happens; but who in their right mind would let themselves get going so far ahead as to walk to a power-hitter?!

Yeah, I know, I don’t follow baseball. But come on… Houston has NEVER been to a world series, much less won one. Forty-five years ago, today, the Colt .45’s were formed when Houston (in Chicago, no less) was granted an expansion team. Since then, they’ve made – if I remember correctly – seven post-seasons, and zero world series.

Lidge, we could have had our shot, tonight. You realise, of course, that if we wind up loosing the next two games, it will all fall onto your shoulders, as the one who walked to #$!@$#@!-ing Pujols.

…Next game, Houston. Get your ink and canvas ready, because the next game seals our place against Chicago in the ’05 Series.

Ah… what a difference one little pitch makes

It was 45 years ago to the day that Houston was awarded a Major League Baseball franchise in an owner’s meeting held in Chicago. The Astros were then known as the Colt 45’s. Yes, 45 years later – it appeared that they were set to head to their first ever World Series.

Call it coincidence, call it karma, call it poetic justice – all I know is Houston was one strike away from calling it a series.


Just one little pitch, one swing and a miss, one strike away from taking the series 4-1, Albert Pujols dropped a three-run bomb to ruin the perfect end to a great chapter in Astros’ history. The series now returns to St. Louis where Houston will need just a bit more magic. See ya’ Wednesday.

My Own Private Best of Houston (Part Two)


Graffiti Hunters Image #1 :: Spoke

spoke graffiti.jpg

((Taken from high atop a railroad trestle in the Heights.))

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