Race day???!

8.4 miles south of Alvin, there’s a big, open field. There’s a few cinder block buildings in this field, a lot of space for parking, and the buzz of hundreds upon thousands of angry hornets. Once you find that buzz, you’ll know you’ve found the Gulf Coast Speedway. The Gulf Coast Speedway is home to the Gulf Coast Modified Midget Association. No, we’re not talking little people with piercings… we’re talking cars. Lots of cars. Relatively fast cars. Flying around a 1/6 mile oval dirt track.

The Gulf Coast Speedway runs several classes of cars, but concentrates on the midget and cc classes. That’s where the buzz of angry hornets comes in. Using engines that range from the five horse power go-cart classes, to the 4-cylinder 619cc Multi class, the Gulf Coast Speedway brings some of the best smaller-class racing to the Houston area. On any given night, you can see twenty kids duke it out on go-carts (and believe me, it’s possible to really RACE on a go-cart. It’s all in the driving, or so they tell me), all the way up to fifteen grown men running 600cc engines, flying around the track. Oh, sure, they maybe only reach 40 – 50mph in the straight-aways, but on a 1/6 mile track, that’s fast. Besides, for only seven dollars per adult, the price is right for four hours of racing excitement!

If you like auto racing, and especially dirt track racing, make sure you check out the Gulf Coast Speedway. Just remember some simple survival tips. 1) Bring your own drinks. The track has a concession stand, but sometimes they just don’t open it. 2) Use a mosquito repellent, the best you can find. I reccomend “Deep Woods OFF.” Spray your entire body wth it, including clothed areas. I only sprayed my exposed skin (except face), and I never got bit on any part of my exposed skin, but the little bloodsuckers bit the heck out of my back – through my shirt, even. If you can survive the mosquitos, you’ve got it made. 3) Sit above the third row. When those cars fly around the curves, sometims they throw up some dirt. 98% of it lands in the first three rows, though. hehe. Oh, and finally, 4) bring a butt cushion. All you’re sitting on, there, is wooden bleachers.

Go! Enjoy! The season’s almost over (end of October), but you can catch some great racing between now and then!

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  1. Reaves (unregistered) on October 6th, 2005 @ 7:08 pm

    speed in the straights have been clocked by Radar @ 70 to 75 MPH

  2. Fyre (unregistered) on October 7th, 2005 @ 1:21 am

    70-75mph? On which class? Lites?

    Wow, that’s impressive for a 619cc engine in less than 1/8th mile to get up to that speed from corner to corner.

    I still prefer full engines and 3/8-mile tracks, myself… but Gulf Coast was definately interesting. Once the mosquitos die down (meaning, probably next season), i’ll likely show up, again.

    Say, one quick question. Was the night I went (last weekend) just a really slow race night, becuase most classes had only four or five cars, total.

  3. Reaves (unregistered) on October 7th, 2005 @ 11:27 am

    The winged multi class cars are the fastest. they are allowed to do what ever their pocket book will allow them to as far as motor modifications are concerned. the non wing 600cc wich is considered as the “LIMITED” class are not far behind the multi class in speed when the track is nice and tacky they are running between 60 to 65 mph. the car count dwindles toward the end of the season people are getting tired and the racing budget is about tapped out. this used to be a fairly less expensive type of open wheel racing but due to holes in the rules for the Limited class big enough to drive a Truck through to be competitive is getting expensive. you can spend up to around 8 grand for a built multi class motor. we are going to be buying a full size 360 sprint car just starting an A feature pays more than winning the feature in the small cars. my driver is only fifteen so we wont be able to start racing the big car until the end of next season. but that will give us some time off to build the racing budget back up. you need to come out the last weekend in October for the NON WING FLING the wing cars take their wings off and everyone runs as one class. this is a RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG RACE if it is liquid and burns you can run it. the only rule is you must run a 50 Durometer right rear tire. and the best part is it is normaly cooler so the skeeters are not quite as bad.this is a two day show the top six I believe on Friday night are locked into the Feature for Saturday night.we normaly have a pretty good car count for this event some come down from Oklahoma and from Louisiana but with fuel prices the way they are I could not guarantee that this year.

  4. Leigh (unregistered) on October 7th, 2005 @ 3:28 pm

    Actually the track is a 1/6th of a mile.

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