My Best of Houston (part 1)

Taking a cue from both myself, and Chavez, here’s my own personal Best of Houston. If I don’t include a category you’d like to see in this post, comment and let me know which, and I’ll include it in the next.

Favourite Mexican/Tex-Mex Resteraunt:
La Tapatia. Particularly the location on Westheimer, near Highway 6. As I explained in this post, La Tapatia is a wonderful Mexican/Tex-Mex resteraunt, coming in on the very reasonable price range. Featuring virtually any dish you could want (except for a stuffed pepper dish that my mother loves), La Tapatia is my pick for best Tex-Mex resteraunt in Houston.

Favourite Bar:
Marfreless. Marfreless has been a Houston icon – and one of its best-kept secrets – for years. While the bar has undergone renevation in recent years, it’s still an excellent lounge, and a great place to take a date. Featuring a full bar, inventive drinks, great port, and some damned good scotch, Marfreless is the place to take a date, whether for a first, or a thirtieth. Marfreless is a bit hard to find, for first-timers. Look for the blue.

If you’re looking for something not quite so intimate, might I reccomend Griff’s, a sports bar (quite possibaly the original Houston sports bar) in the Montrose area. Known for its party bus, and rabid sports-fans, Griff’s also has the quintesential St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Great place to toss back a beer, or catch a game.

For those not looking for a sports bar, I have two to recommend. For a good place to sit and drink with the working crowd, try the Proletariat (bar’s website). Featuring everything from cheap pool and beer, to an indie-flavoured juke box, the Proletariat has long been billed as a bar for the working class (and, well, anyone else who will leave their pretentiousness at the door).

For a great place to toss back a Guiness and catch some live music, might I recommend Rudyard’s (bar’s website). Rudz has long been the place to get together after work, or catch a new band on the weekends. Featuring great drink prices (although lately, there have been some complaints of prices going up), and quite possibly the cheapest Guiness pint in town, Rudz is also home to some great bands. Lately there have been some complaints raised about the staff at Rudyard’s not being as pleasent and personable to the customers as they used to, but I think it may all be hooey. Although I haven’t been in a while, I’ve never had any issues with the staff. Sure, it may take a while to get your drink, and the bartender may seen short, but if you consider the fact that Rudz is almost always packed with people (I’m a fat man, and I have trouble getting around. I normally pick my spot and stay there through the night, heh), you’ll understand why it takes a bit. If you want great drinks, a local-bar atmosphere, and some awesome music, check out Rudz.

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Best night club in Houston:
Numbers Nightclub (club’s website). Numbers is a Houston icon. Having been in business since 1979 (at the same location, even), Number’s has run the gauntlet and proven itsself as a tried and true night spot for Houston. Featuring everything from current gothica, to current dance/house, to the longest running (and largest) 80’s night in town (every Friday), Numbers is one of the best in Houston.

Best part of town:
The Montrose. Is it any wonder that the bars and clubs I’ve mentioned so far have all been in and around the Montrose? No, I don’t think so. The Montrose has grown since the 1920’s and is considered one of the best places in Houston to find, well, anything. I’m hoping to put together a Montrose/Heights day some weekend, soon, where Metbloggers (and readers) can get together and hop from place to place, experiencing some of what Montrose has to offer. Yes, I’ll be including the famed Montrose Kroger in the day. You can’t make a serious “Montrose experience” without visiting the Kroger store. It just can’t be done.

Best place to picnic:
Although I haven’t been there in a couple of years, the Water Wall stands out, in my mind, as the best place to picnic. It’s also a great date spot. Head out to the Williams Tower Water Wall, and view the wonderful fountain, then grab your picnic supplied and hang out in the adjacent park. There in the evenings? After your picnic, stow your gear and take a horse and buggy ride. Wonderful way to finish off a day, or a date.

That’s it for this time around, folks.. I’ll have more in the future. If there’s a specific category you want me to mention, next time around, then feel free to let me know.

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