Do Bloggers Vote?

I suppose, more importantly, do you vote?

There are 9 (nine) constitutional amendments that will require your attention on or before November 8th this year. You may review these bills, the elected officials who proposed them, and read the actual proposed bills on the secretary of state

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  1. Fyre (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2005 @ 11:26 pm

    The things I find interesting about that proposed amendment are:
    1) It has been illegal for homosexual to marry in the State of Texas since the late 1800’s.
    2) It has been illegal for homosexuals to enter into a civil union in the State of Texas since the 1940’s.
    3) Civil Unions are considered to be legal status that is “identical or similar to marriage.”
    4) “Common Law” marriages are considered civil unions State of Texas law.
    5) There is no grandfathering clause anywhere in Texas State Law that would affect this amendment. Any civil unions that happened before this amendment would immediately and irrevocably lose their legal status.

    Therefore let the following be understood:
    1) This proposed amendment changes nothing about homosexual marriage/unions in this state. Nothing.

    2) This amendment, if passed, will immediately void any civil unions already in place, including those by heterosexual (opposite-sex) couple, including common law marriages.

    3) This amendment, if passed, will expressly forbid heterosexual couples from entering into any civil unions, inlcuding common law marriage.

    So who, exactly, does this amendment benefit, again? It’s more important to ask who this amendment affects. How many people do you know that are in a heterosexual (or opposite-sex) relationship, who are in a civil union? How many people do you know who are common law married? I know of several couples who are. All of those couples would suddenly lose all marriage benefits including spousal insurance benefits.

    It isn’t just “those damned queers” that are being effected, this time, folks. It’s all of us. Read carefully, consider even more carefully, and then vote.

    (The quote in the final paragraph is from a comment left to another blog entry on the matter that stated, in full, “We have to keep those damned queers from fucking with the institution of marriage.” Guess what. We’ve already done that, back in the late 1800’s, and the 1940’s.)

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