Fire up the bullhorn, Claude…

Did I say it was quiet in my last post? Perhaps I spoke too soon…

The winds have picked up quite a bit, here, since my last post, although they are far from the promised 60mph sustained, and 75mph gusts. It’s possible we’re seeing 45mph gusts here in NorthEast Ft. Bend, but I doubt it. I’m reminded more and more of just another night with a severe storm rolling through, and less and less of what I expected during what was once one of the worst hurricanes on record.

I went to sleep around 10:30pm, and woke up around 2:30am after sleeping fitfully (I neglected to take any sleep meds, and find it difficult to sleep without them). A few moments after I woke up, the power went out, plunging me back into darkness. After retrieving my flashlight from the floor – where it had fallen off of the bedside table (evidentally what woke me up, in the first place) – I clicked it on, only to be greeted by the power returning, a scant 10 seconds later. Getting up and pulling on a pair of shorts, I walked out onto my front porch.

Facing south, and covered on the top and two sides, my front porch is rather well-protected from this storm, and I was able to smoke a couple of cigarettes with ease and safety. While I would occasionally get a bit of a breeze flowing in – especially up near the porch roof, I was not drenched by blown rain, nor was I rocked off of my feet, by any means. In fact, an orphan leaf sat rather placidly about halfway back towards my front door, shivering only slightly in what little wind managed to whip around back into the porch area.

Stepping to the edge of the porch, I was able to look out at the trees which were bending in the wind a bit, although no more than I’ve seen happen before. The rain is blowing around, occasionally creating rather nice-looking swirl patterns against homes across the street. I can see some neighbors at windows, though they seem afraid to come out onto their porches, as they all face north on the other side of the street. We’ve signalled our presence to one another via flashlight. It seems I’m not the only one “brave” enough to watch the passage of this storm. I would likely still be out there, or even walking around in the wind and rain, had nature not suddenly called me back inside.

After grabbing a drink and heading back into my computer room, I sat down and typed out version one of this post, intent on making a call into the This Week in Houston podcast, and reading the very same post as my report. About three seconds after the call went through, I lost power again. Just as before, it was back on within ten seconds… Unfortunately, I forgot to save the post before the power went out.

It appears I may be grappling with the power all night long. Amazingly, however, my cablemodem appears rock solid. Amazing as, during most bad storms, I lose cable internet relatively quickly. This time, it seems destined to be my companion for quite some time, tonight. This is a good thing as my family has gone to bed, and I am left alone to contact and be contacted by the world.

Should I experience anything more worth reporting – or just get really, really bored – I’ll update again.

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