Dr. Seuss (was) In Houston


To celebrate Ted Geisel’s (aka: Dr. Seuss) 100th birthday this year, the Secret Art Collection show was put together to travel the country exhibiting some ‘secret’ and never-before-displayed Dr. Seuss material.

Far from his innocent childrens books, the show portrayed a much more grown up Dr. Seuss – where the Cat in the Hat smokes hand-rolled cigarettes and plays pool. Everything is still as dreamlike and colorful as ever, but is also certainly far more political and adult.


Photos, old Time and Life magazine covers, paintings and political cartoons were all on display in sequential order – providing an excellent walkable timeline of Dr. Seuss’ life and career. For example, his first poem:

“Mrs. Van Bleck
Of the Newport Van Blecks
Is so god damn rich
She has gold-plated sex
Whereas Miggles and Mitzi
And Bitzie and Sue
Have the commonplace thing
And it just has to do.”

Today was the last day that the Dr. Seuss exhibition will be in Houston. Did anyone else get a chance to check this out? I have a few more pictures in a Flickr album if you’re interested.

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