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Beer, the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems

st arnolds.jpeg
Went to a company outing at the Saint Arnold Brewing Company last night .
It was a really creative idea for a get together, coupled with some Goode Co barbeque, i certainly couldnt pass it up.
I tried all 6 or 7 kinds they had on tap and ended up walking away with a pint glass for my personal favorite the Elissa IPA, good stuff!
They also give free tours on Saturdays at 1, with free samples!
now where are those leftovers…

Little Shorts of Horror film competition


If you are one of those people that likes to prep for Halloween like five months in advance, get ready for the season with the Silver Screams’ horror short film competition.

Prepare a Super Short Film (1 to 10 minutes) or a Short Film (11 to 30 minutes) for judging by August 26th to be featured in the annual Silver Screams Film Festival at the Angelica Film Center (510 Texas Ave).

Scream on.

Houston Revealed #15

I can’t believe it! We don’t have a winner for Houston Revealed #14? What’s going on people?!

Both Laanba and I would like to encourage you to keep looking, but while you’re out there, keep an eye out for our latest entry into Huston Revealed.

Remember that (a) you can play more than once and (b) all photos are from somewhere downtown.

Houston Revealed Photo #15!

What building is this from?

If you think you know, send your answer via email to us before next Wednesday.

Bloggers find audience in world of cyberspace

The Chronicle article about three bloggers, two of them authors on here including me, that came out last Thursday.

If you missed it (like I did; good thing my aunt still had a copy), you can read the online version here.


One of my all-time favorite places in the world is in my old hometown of Lawrence KS. It was a bar called the Replay and its where I honed my love of the 3 P’s. Punk Rock, PBR and Pinball. Many an afternoon were spent at the ‘Friday Free Play’ chasing down Irish Car Bombs with 1.25 cans of PBR and trying desperately (yet unsucessfully) to beat Attack from Mars.

Now you too can enjoy some free plays (sort of) and get to see a dying artform in all its beauty (minus the car bombs I imagine) at the Pinball & Video Show.

Friday 5pm – 2am
Saturday 10am – 2am

Houston Northwest Inn
14996 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX

$12 admission but you play for free!

Only in Houston – a creative collective

Tired of missing out on all the coolest creative-type jobs?

Only in Houston is an organization dedicated to keeping creative work in Houston, instead of it leaving the state (or the country for that matter).

Many prospective employers may not be aware of the massive amounts of talent that Houston holds locally and this is a way to organize all different kinds of creative minds into one easily accessible and linked group.

Check out the site for cool events, galleries, job opportunities and even a place to post your resume. This is a really interesting and talented bunch. I would highly suggest getting on their newsletter and attending their events.

The All White International Affair

All White International Affair Poster

This Friday the Hobby Center will be home to “The All White International Affair” hosted by none other than P. Diddy.

White will be the color of the night which means that white attire is
preferred and the dress code is dress to impress.

Regular tickets are $50 and VIP tickets are $150. VIP ticket holders will be granted access to Artista where “light hors d’oeuvres” will be available. Whatever that means.

Also, why’s it an international affair? What’s international about it?

Anyhow, if you’re interested, buy tickets online.

Summer Speeding

Police Motorcycle

It seems that the summer sun is a great time to just go out and drive. Seeing as how having a car in Houston is essential, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve seen a lot of police lately on the freeways this summer.

There are definitely more traffic enforcement cops out than there used to be, and they’ve gotten a bit creative. Be on the lookout for motorcycles (hard to spot when you’re coming over a hill) or trucks (sometimes they’ll be in Chevrolet trucks).

Most of the time I’m on 59 though, so if you’re in another part of town your experience may vary.

Not then I condone speeding. I’m just saying.

We don’t really sing, but we dance just as good as we want…

archie bell.jpg

Rawk it, kids. Archie Bell and the Drells (of 1968 ‘Tighten Up’ fame) are making toes tap and souls jive at 3pm today at the Rhythm Room (1815 Washington Ave.). Check it out and hang with the KPFT kids, who are broadcasting live from said Room.

Sorry for the last minute notice, but this one was just too good to keep under me hat… or something.

She puts the “you” in entreprenYOUer!

I am a big fan of Houston’s own Leisure Learning Unlimited. I’ve taken pottery and ballroom dancing classes via their programs, and think that LLU is a great resource for getting into a new hobby, meeting new friends, and finding out more about whatever interests you.

However, I had a chuckle while looking at their recent catalogue. One person offeres a course on “Solo-prenuering ™,” which she asserts will help you discover how to “earn a living without a job.” In other words, the course teaches you how to string together a living wage from doing random piecemeal work. Such as, perhaps, teaching classes at LLU? It seems so, since the same instructor is also offering courses in becoming a mystery shopper and “Million Dollar Publicity–For Free!” At $29.95 a pop plus $25 for a “required text” for the mystery shopping course and $19.95 for “optional material” for the others, I’m sure her “Solo-prenuer”-ship ™ is paying off quite handily!

I also enjoy reading descriptions of the many other LLU courses people are conducting based on what they do in their everyday lives. I don’t wish to discount the expertise of personal experience, of course, but some of the more “I’m out to make a quick buck by showing you around my house–er, my home-based business” type course descriptions prompted my husband and me to talk about creating our own course, entitled “Whatever the Hell We’re Doing at Our House Today.” In this course, you’ll learn all about infant care, blogging, ignoring inessential housework, advanced powernapping, hot sweaty monkey sex, cooking family meals on a shoestring budget in 30 minutes or less, watering houseplants, watching Queer as Folk DVDs, the miracle of human lactation, being a smartass, and letting the dogs in and out repeatedly. All for a $29.95 enrollment fee, plus $19.95 for optional materials, of course.

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