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Farmers Market Trifecta

In an effort to further my personal goals and buy local, I visited three of Houston

Houston oil boys accused of playing bad with the Oil-For-Food program


Secret bank accounts, millions of dollars in funneled funds – just another day for the two local oil boys who have been accused of “fixing oil prices and paying illegal surcharges.” (via The Chronicle)

“..the defendants were essentially diverting funds that otherwise would have been deposited into the oil-for-food escrow account, from which humanitarian aide to the Iraqi people was to be paid,” said David Kelley, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

100 million bucks man. Craziness. Thoughts?


Very sad news out of the Houston Zoo today. Bella had to be euthanized. Bella was the Houston Zoo’s baby elephant and was only 8 months old.

She broke her leg a few days ago and even though the Houston Zoo flew in a surgeon there was nothing they could do and she had to be put down today.

The main reason that I am find this all so remarkably sad is that the zoo had lost another baby elephant in December 2003. That baby had complications right after birth and there was nothing the staff could do. The gestation period is approximately 22 months for an elephant so the staff had prepared almost 2 years for the birth and ended up losing the baby. The article I read on the event was so sad and very touching.

Then Bella came along and things were happy and joyful down at the Zoo again. I’m so sorry that they are having to go through all of this again. My sympathies to the entire zoo staff.

You can send your condolences to the Elephant Keepers and the Zoo Staff at

The Sultans of Sufi-Rock

Junoon, a Pakistani rock band, is coming to The Meridian (1503 Chartres) on April 16th. Whether you speak Urdu or not, their reputation certainly precedes them as a very rocking live band with an extremely important message of peace.

The Houston Press seems to tote Junoon as a quasi-U2, which rings true looking at the awards they have collected regarding their work for peace between India and Pakistan and also their focus on American-Muslims after 9/11.

Should be an interesting and politically-charged show.

Air Raid Siren


Just in time for some beautiful spring weather Galveston is having their 15th Annual Spirit of Flight Air Show next weekend April 23-24. It looks to be a great time. Im hoping to catch a view of my personal favorite the Extra 300. Hope to see you there.

A Park for Your Best Friend

Dog Parks in Houston are becoming very popular. If you have a dog and you haven

Houston Revealed #6

Welcome to week #6 of Houston Revealed.

Last week’s mystery photo still remains a mystery. The correct building hasn’t been identified yet, so get out there and keep looking! Just make sure to look up when you are downtown.

On we go with this week’s Houston Revealed. If you think you know the answer send an email to the link below. The first person who guesses correctly will be eligible for a prize drawing.

Here is this week’s photo:

Image hosted by

Where is this located?

If you think you know, email us the answer!

Good luck!

Houston Metblog Yahoo Group

So it’s official, the Metblog family has abandoned upon learning of the new fee system (yeah, we’re cheap bastards) – so here is our new Yahoo Houston Metblog home.

Sign up, hang out, write silly things and come join us for our next Houston Metblog chill session (previously known as our ‘Meetup’, but now I have no idea what to call it).

Fiesta? Par-tay? The possibilites are endless….

Houston International Festival, India-style

How time flies – the downtown Houston iFest is almost here again (April 23-24 and April 30-May 1), with a special spotlight on India this year.

I am mostly excited about a) the food, b) the food, c) the Toots and the Maytals performance and d) all the international knick-knack shopping.

Good news for the terminally change-less

Oh la la. The Chronicle talks about new solar-powered credit-card-accepting parking meters that are being tested Downtown.

I have a hate-hate relationship with parking attendants/meter maids, mostly because I am incapable of keeping any kind of physical money on my person. Damn your tickets, your disapproving glances and your tire chalk!!!

So I’m thinking these new meters are a good idea – but I can only imagine how much more expensive they’ll be….. thoughts?

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