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Get your cameras ready

It is almost that time of year! The River Oaks Garden Club will be presenting their 70th Annual Azalea Trail come rain or shine.
It is a great opportunity for all you shutterbugs.
March 5-6 & 12-13, 2005
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Yo Muthafucka! It

Time to get da skinny on da schedule fo next season

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If I had the time, monetary freedom and metabolic ability, I would:

Adopt a friend – half price!
– Indulge in a holiday weekend with one of the Hotel Derek specials
– Gorge myself on Alexander the Great’s (3055 Sage) Valentine’s Day menu

As it is, I ate at Luby’s for lunch and am going to class tonight for a Spanish test. It’s an exciting life that I lead… What are you doing for your sweetie today?

Twenty Years That Just Flew Right Past Me

  • I can not believe that it has been almost twenty years since the first Burning Man Festival. Do the good people from the Houston Art Car group participate at this event? I suppose they could apply for a Mutant Vehicle License. No?

    I would like to propose we develop a Houston Tribe (or “theme camp” as they

  • Year of the Chanticleer

    Hey! It’s the Chinese New Year!

    So where are the celebrations around Houston?


    Theater Under the Stars is performing Cole Porter’s Anything Goes the rest of this week. It’s a de-lovely time, if you’re in the mood for some tap dancing and a pair of naughty nuns.

    Also — the man who gave Houston opera-goers supertitles and OperaVision, David Glockley, is leaving his General Director post – headed for San Francisco.

    armchair etiquette

    Dear people who frequent the Borders on Kirby at Alabama (or any other large bookstore that provides armchairs so that you may freely enjoy their wares before/without purchasing them): no fair dropping your armloads of crap in a chair to “save” it and then abandoning it for half an hour at a time whilst you dodder off to find reading material or go to the bathroom or whatever the hell it is you’re off doing. Especially when a nursing mother (whose back and Cesarean incisions are killing her) is in desperate need of that seat for a brief ten minutes in order to feed her baby. YOU try sitting on the hard as hell benches in the children’s section while holding a twelve pound bundle to your chest without any sort of back or arm support (not to mention surviving the glares of parents who seem to resent you for baring your breast in front of their impressionable young children–because, why should they want their children realize that this is what breasts are FOR?). So, may I suggest that you prospective chair-hogs a) FIRST, go collect your reading material, go to the restroom, and/or do whatever the hell it is you need to do BEFORE locating and settling into an armchair; and b) if you see woman carrying a crying baby, or a pregnant woman, or anyone else who seems to be desperately looking for a seat, kindly surrender it to her/him as an act of compassion. Thanks, and have a nice life.

    Homeland is secure in downtown Houston

    I was downtown the other day when I spotted a little hidden-away park I had never seen. Being the opportunist, I circled the block – found an open parking meter – grabbed my camera – and headed to take some shots.

    While waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street to the park, I decided to check the settings on my camera. I did this by taking a shot of a nearby building and then adjusting the settings. Well, I had just snapped my second picture and was changing the settings when a non-descript black SUV cut across three lanes of traffic and pulled in front of me. The tinted window slid down smoothly to reveal a man holding a badge in my direction asking, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Well, with a pretty high pucker factor, I said, “Sure.”

    The man asked, “What are you taking pictures of?”

    “Nothing yet… I am going across the street to that park to take some shots.”

    “We get a little nervous when we see someone taking pictures of buildings,” he stated and asked for my ID.

    I handed him my license and he quizzed me as to its contents… “Are you from Texas?”

    “Uh, yeah…. Houston,” I responded wondering if this really ever catches bad guys in a lie.

    I told him that I am a photographer and that when I see something I want to shoot, I normally stop and do so. He mentioned that he caught a Pakistani woman taking photos under a bridge at 2AM the other night. She claimed she was taking pictures of frogs and clearly he did not believe her. I also told him that I have been downtown at 2 in the morning shooting on several occasions. When I started to explain slow-exposure night shots when there is no traffic around, he either decided that I was telling the truth or just tuned it out because he again just mentioned that he gets nervous when he sees people shooting buildings.

    I asked, “So are you like, homeland security?” He responded that he was with the State Department or Department of the Interior… something like that. I guess I tuned him out a bit too.

    Anyway, it was kinda cool and kinda exciting. I have mixed feelings about the incident… on the one hand, I felt kinda intruded upon and put out – but on the other hand, I feel better knowing that there are people looking out for suspicious activity.

    As you can see from the pictures however, the Sisters of Charity Park is indeed a very cool little gem hidden in the middle of downtown.

    Lunar New Year celebrations

    I’m looking for info here. Houston has the second largest Vietnamese population in the United States. Surely there have to be several festivals going on around town. I found a few listings here, but I was hoping to find something happening in northwest Harris County, Spring, Klein, Cypress, et cetera. I’m hoping the Tet Festival at Reliant Arena will be a good place to take pictures, but the forecasted stormy weather might hamper that. We’ll see.

    Get Moving Houston

    Are you tired of hearing we are “Fat City?” Well, the Mayor Bill White is doing something about it… he announced today a citywide program designed to raise the level of fitness and wellness among all Houstonians. The program is called Get Moving Houston. As part of the program, the Mayor’s office has invited the publishers of Men’s Fitness magazine to visit during the program in an attempt to get of the Fattest City List.

    Some of the planned events:
    Feb. 4 Tunnel Walk Info
    Mar. 12 Bayou City Classic
    Mar. 19 Tour de Houston

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