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Red lights mean stop

Since moving to Texas, I’ve become more of an agressive driver – mostly because I want to stay alive on I-45. I have not, however, picked up the Houstonian habit of running red lights.

I’m not saying everyone does it, but I am saying that enough people do to keep me from ever, under any circumstances, be the first person out in the middle of a busy intersection at a green light (uhm, unless I’m the only one there of course).

The Chronicle talks about a proposed camera system to catch red light runners – only charging them a fine for each light run. Do you think more serious measures should be taken against repeat offenders?

((I’d like to give a shout out to the nice old lady who ran a red light and smashed into my car – and then lied about it to our insurance companies, leaving me to foot the bill. Thanks Cynthia!!))

Quartet entertainment


I thought we were going to an Irish Christmas music show at the Wortham Center yesterday, called A Christmas in Limerick, but it turned out to be about the rhyming kind of limericks (not the city in Ireland). Whoops.

Despite my initial confusion, it was a wonderful show that introduced us to the large men’s ensemble, the Houston Tidelanders.

They sing beautifully as a group and then break up into different barbershop quartets – dig those harmonies. I highly recommend you give them a listen sometime – they practice every Monday night (7-10pm) in a Bellaire Presbyterian church (5001 Bellaire Blvd.) and love to have visitors watch/hear them rehearse.

The stuff that dreams are made of

I just found out today that Cirque Du Soleil is coming to town.
Varekai is the show they will be gracing us with for one month, Jan 6 – Feb 6 for those not in the club.
I have always been fascinated by this ever changing group of artists and this will be my first chance to see it up close and personal, a must see if ever their was one.

Holiday showtime

Houston has some great theatrical and musical holiday events. Our family sometimes treats each other to a play or concert (and a nice dinner, say at Tony’s – 1801 Post Oak Blvd ) in lieu of Christmas presents. Some ideas:

The Alley Theatre’s A Christmas Carol
Houston Symphony’s A Very Merry Pops
Houston Symphony’s Handel’s Messiah
For the kiddies – The Toys Take Over Christmas
Houston Ballet’s The Nutcracker
A Tuna Christmas at The Grand (in Galveston)

Christmas Shopping


Do you know a cool place in Houston to shop? Share it with us here at Metroblogging Houston. After all there are only 17 shopping days left until Christmas.

If you know someone who likes scents then I would like to recommend L’Occitane. L’Occitane is a French fragrance boutique and has locations in the Galleria, Memorial City and Highland Village.

The store has a wide range of products including perfume, bath and shower products, body and hand lotions, and face, sun and hair care among other items. And if you are like me and have had bad reactions to scented soap (waaahhhhh!!!) L’Occitane also offers a range of home fragrance products including room spray, sachets, incense and candles. I like these fragrances because they are not overwhelming and sickeningly sweet. It is a light fragrance that does not over power. Some of the scents they offer are Rose, Magnolia, Lavender, Sweet Almond, Clementine and Cinnamon Orange (that’s the candle I have.) The prices range between $10 – 30 per item. I know I will be back before the Christmas Countdown Clock hits zero.

Gettin’ the “Big Head!”

Is Houston not the coolest? Where else can you drive through a run-down section of town, glance over, and see a 20ft bust of President Ronald Reagan staring down at you? …well, other than President’s Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

(The Manster and me hanging with Ron)

Apparently, David Adickes, a Houston sculptor created the heads for the park. (Actually, there is a long history of the busts moving all over the country as people did everything from fight to keep them in their towns to despise them enough to want them gone.) There also appears to be a President’s Park in Williamsburg, VA. with duplicates by the same artist. I don’t know if the ones here in town are duplicates, rejects or simply copies kept around for marketing. Who knows – who cares… we got ’em and I for one – dig ’em.


Want to find them?


Is this your 14-year-old daughter?

coco dancer.JPG

Is anyone else disgusted by the whole 14-year-old wrecking her dad’s Durango after driving her friends to Coco Loco story?

It’s been a pretty hot topic in the news, as you may have noticed, and I say rightly so. Granted I’m not privy to what really happened (could the Dad be covering up for his daughter taking his SUV by saying he allowed her to drive?), but I know of some almost dangerously lenient parents who could use a wake-up call like this.

Does Coco Loco have an under 18 night? Is it pathetic that a 14-year-old has more of a clubbing social life than I do?

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