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Doggie Days

The doggie wars are getting interesting on our local news shows. If you haven’t seen the newest weather dog tune into ABC Channel 13 KTRK in the mornings to meet Doppler, the weather dog. Doppler is an obvious response to Radar, the weather dog who joined NBC Channel 2 KPRC in April. Did I mention that Doppler is a Chia Pet? That doesn’t stop the morning news team from filming Doppler, talking to Doppler, and even reprimanding Doppler for making a mess in the newsroom. Doppler, the Chia Pet weather dog, even has a photo gallery on the KTRK Website. 27 photos of a Chia Pet around the newsroom. Yes I looked at all of them! No. 24 is my favorite. Now we shall see how the local CBS, FOX and WB news shows respond.



Saturday my boyfriend and I had dinner at the new El Tiempo on Washington, which was an awesome experience, and caught a movie at Angelika.
Tarnation is a self-portrait of Houston born Jonathan Couette and a documentary that chronicles his chaotic upbringing in a dysfunctional Texas family and the relationship that develops with his mentally ill mother Renee. This film is brilliant because it touches the audience on so many different levels. He explores living in the Texas suburbs, growing up in the eighties culture, the confusion of being gay, living in a psychotic family without parents, adapting and accepting his mother’s mental illness, and moving to New York City as an adult to pursue his creative path. Couette invites the audience deep into himself and openly lets us see the world through his eyes in a way that’s never been done before.

Mega Latino

My boss listens to Walton & Johnson in the mornings on Rock 101 KLOL. Or, he did.

We all got in his car this afternoon on our way to lunch and the radio is blaring what, to us, sounds like Tejano music. Since he’s normally Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll, we made fun of him at first, but then realized the radio was tuned to 101.1 FM. He was the most dumbfounded, because he’d listened to Walton & Johnson just this morning. After the song was over, a voice came on and said Mega Latino 101 FM. Someone pointed out that KLOL was one of the first FM stations in Houston. Was there any kind of announcement that the station had been bought or was changing? Apparently, even their Web site reflects the change.

Hug your favorite Vet day

While I’ve never been in the military myself, I come from a long line of military veterans. In fact, I’ve never met either one of my grandfathers due to injuries they sustained in combat.

So today is a special day to me – but I’m bummed at the lousy luck I’ve had of finding memorial ceremonies, etc. How are veterans being celebrated in Houston? I found a parade, but there’s no way that can be it.

Any suggestions? How are you thanking the men and women who have given up so much? Regardless of your views on war, past or present, it’s important not to take these sacrifices for granted.

*edit: Okay, the parade was a little bigger than I thought. I feel better.


50s graduation.jpg

Found magazine is coming to town this weekend on their Slapdance Across America Tour.

If you’re not familiar, Found is a magazine dedicated to cataloguing the random things people find (in public restrooms, on sidewalks, at garage sales, etc.). One man’s trash is another man’s publication.

They’ll be showing found home movies and videos at the Aurora Picture Show all this weekend. You are encouraged to bring any of your finds in to share and discuss.

Allen Ruppersberg at the Rice Gallery.

Allen Ruppersberg will present an homage to Allen Ginsberg and his famous poem “Howl” on Thursday, 11 November 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Rice Gallery. The well-known 1956 poem has been translated into different phonetic spellings and then reintegrated into the original text. The “new” text is printed on approximately 200 multi-colored commercial advertising posters, which are shuffled together with a combination of found posters and arranged in the gallery to create a colorful, all-encompassing collage. If you like pop art, you should definitely check it out.

Just a-swangin’

Today, my family and I decided to go to a park to enjoy this great Houston weather we’ve been having. Besides, it was a stellar opportunity for my kid to test-drive a park swing for the first time.


Is it me, or are park swings getting a bit more industrial than they used to be?


Ray will earn Jamie Foxx an academy award. Don’t misunderstand, there have been better performances this year – but there has never been a ‘channelling’ of a person like Jamie’s Ray Charles. It is almost eerie how much Foxx looks and acts like Ray Charles. The movie was a really good film and the performances by his female costars, Regina King and Sharon Warren were excellent. It is certainly one of the finest biopics ever.

Puppets are your friends!

For all of you that missed the 1st edition of the previously mentioned puppet show all is not lost. Tommorrow night at Walters it will play again. From what I’ve heard it got some wonderfull reviews. You say you don’t like puppets? Well then how about hilarious songs made up about slideshows. Its just too cool for words.

Disclaimer: My name is digit…. and i am a puppeteer, god help me.

Houston Heaven.




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