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I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Something to see during its Houston stay – the Anne Frank: A Private Photo Album exhibit at the Holocaust Museum Houston.

The museum is also currently running a Butterfly Project – a project that hopes to teach students tolerance, morality and courage (versus apathy). Am I too old to make my own butterfly to send in??

It’s not everyday you’re in the same room as the president.

But if you go to Houston’s City Hall meetings on Tuesdays, you can enjoy his presence to your heart’s content. That’s what I hear anyway.

I spent most of my afternoon at City Hall for work yesterday. The mayor’s photographer, sitting next to me, mentioned that the “Previous” section of public comments was the best part of the meeting. He noticed that both the president and a senator were scheduled to speak.

“President of what?” I asked.

“Of nothing,” he said. “He thinks he’s President of the United States or of the world. He says he was abducted by aliens and they made him president. He’s here every Tuesday.”

I looked at the agenda and saw that he was supposed to be speaking about the mafia, and removing Bush’s, Kerry’s and Nader’s names from the ballots.

Houston City Hall meeting

I think it would have been fun to hear him speak. However, I’d been there since 1:30 p.m. and they were only halfway through the public comments and not even close to his turn by 4. So I gave up and left. I am disappointed that I don’t have a picture of the distinguished guest of the city.

Has anyone else ever seen or heard of this guy? I’m sorry I can’t recall his name.

A streak finally dies….

So the curse is dead. The Astros won.

Now, this isn’t like the curse of the Chicago Cubs or of the Red Sox…those are much longer and have much more history behind them.

The Astros, for the first time in franchise history, won a post-season playoff series. For many, this may not be a big deal,but for our fair city – it gives us something to cheer about. For the past few years, we’ve come to not expect much from our sports teams. Not since the glory days of the Rockets with Olajawon and Drexler, have we been so involved in the chase for a championship. Mainly because we’ve never gotten as close.

I’d go on and on…but I don’t want to jinx it. I couldn’t even watch the game last night except for a few seconds at a time, fearing that by my watching it, I’d curse our good luck. Call it superstition. Call it stupidity. Call it both.

Congrats to our Astros and bring on St. Louis!!

Game Time: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 7:00pm CT

Looking for more info: Astros win or here

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bar


Before returning to Houston in 2002, I lived in London, where all the locals extol the virtue of the English pub.

Ride for the Roses

Thursday night I will be leaving for Austin to participate in the Ride for the Roses. The ride will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am sure you have seen these little yellow wristbands on everyone from Venus Williams, Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter on down to every soccer mom and middle manager in the city.


I will be handling dual roles in this weekend’s ride as I am riding in the event, but also a member of the media. With press pass in hand and camera hanging from the strap around my neck, I intend to get some shots of the ride and the events that follow. It should be a lot of fun as it is always a great atmosphere.

As usual, RenFest was great. The Texas Renaissance Festival is held each year in Magnolia, just a short trip north of Houston. RenFest has it all..

pretty maids…

buxom little-people…

and even village idiots.

It runs through November 14th and whether you have a taste for good comedy, bad comedy, good food, bad food or a wide range of libations – it is an outing to remember.

I Should Be Studying… But Instead I Am Here

Last night, I downloaded a reissued album by James Brown called Soul On Top. And now, I can

Sasha Live @ 2401 San Jacinto on Friday


Dance lovers unite – Sasha (of Sasha and Digiweed fame) is coming into town on Friday night.

He’ll be playing at 2401 San Jacinto (the club formerly known as Rich’s). Tickets are $20, not a bad price to hear one of the top DJs in the world.

You can purchase tickets in advance.

Smokey no more

Looks like Mayor White is looking after Houston’s lungs these days. The Houston Chronicle reports a proposed restaurant smoking ban to be enacted over the next two years.

Although I am certainly no stranger to the cancer stick industry, I rather like the idea. I personally hate taking kids/grandparents out to eat only to have them engulfed in a haze of nicotine, just because we’re seated too close to the smoking section.

Bars are a different story to me though (I certainly don’t take children or the elderly to those..). What are your thoughts?


The weather may be stormy but the food is always delicious at the annual Houston Greek Festival which starts this Thursday. Hopefully the rains will be light so we can go out and join the festivities.

Houston’s Worth It

I’m a native Houstonian and despite Houston’s shortcomings (heat, humidity, traffic, mosquitoes and roaches) I still love the city. Here is a site that feels the same way and invites fellow Houstonians to the share why they love Houston… Go check out why Houston’s Worth It.

Update: I’ve found out that this site was done pro-bono by a marketing firm although it doesn’t seem that the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau is that thrilled with it. LOL.

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