Construction Gone Wrong

This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous.

Construction closures in Houston have reached an all-time peak in my opinion… let me illustrate….

  • While going to Midtown to go out tonight, I couldn’t take the Main/Travis/whatever exit on 59 because it’s apparently closed for the weekend. It’s bad enough that they got rid of Spur 527, but now they temporarily close down the temporary exit?
  • Beltway 8 North is closed at 249…not in my route, so that’s okay..
  • Beltway 8 South is closed at Westpark Tollway….on my way home, and definitely a pain to navigate through because there’s so much construction going on in the feeder as well…
  • 610 North exit on 59 South is closed…so you have to exit Chimney Rock, do a U turn, and get back on 59 North and use THAT 610 North exit. In other words, the exit is closed one way, but open the other…?

That is way too much construction to have to go through in one night. That doesn’t even take into account all the lane merges and miscellaneous small closures throughout the city. I feel sorry for the drunk drivers out there who are probably confused beyond belief.

By the way, I don’t like bars that much, but by a stroke of chance my friends and I ended up at The Doghouse Tavern on Brazos (in Midtown, next to Red Door and The Copa Room). Not a bad place at all. Clean, good prices, and a good crowd.

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  1. Jacques (unregistered) on September 20th, 2004 @ 3:32 am

    Ooo. I am in full agreement with your post. Too bad you didn’t mention the Main/Travis exit closure a bit earlier, though.

    I must, however, object to one bit of text in your post: “I feel sorry for the drunk drivers out there…”. I am at my wit’s end with drunk drivers in this city (and most sober drivers). I have driven in blizzards, hailstorms, dirt roads filled with various animals jutting across your path, Istanbul, Mexico City, Paris, and once even ran on foot from a mountain lion and had to race down a rocky hill in a Suburban to get away. Driving between 2am and 3am in this city is just as harrowing as any of those situations. 59 South at 2-3am? Ha.

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